A Woman’s Touch

This exhibition, organized by MoLAA’s curatorial department, features the sculptures of Margarita Checa from Peru, Isabel de Obaldia from Panama, Susana Espinosa from Puerto Rico and Patricia Waisburd “Peschel” from Mexico. A Woman’s Touch illustrates the diversity of Latin American sculpture from the unique female perspective and explores how the artists deal with the human figure through the mastery of diverse media such as wood (Margarita Checa), glass (Isabel de Obaldia), clay (Susana Espinosa) and paper (Peschel). Stylistically, each artist approaches the human figure    differently; Margarita Checa and Peschel in an expressionist-realist style, Susana Espinosa is influenced by Surrealism and Isabel de Obaldia uses simple forms, closer to a minimalist view of the human figure.

Margarita Checa (b. 1950 in Lima, Peru)
Checa began her studies at the School of Arts of the Catholic University in Peru and later worked in the prestigious Christina Galvez Atelier under the direction of Leslie Lee. She has had major solo exhibitions in Latin America and the United States. The organic nature of the wood she uses helps her capture the strong sensual and melancholic undertone of her sculptures. Her figures are reminiscent of indigenous peoples and the ancient tradition of mummification. Checa’s Peruvian heritage and acquaintance with pre-Columbian artifacts of death rituals contribute to the expressiveness of her work.