Balance of the Body

Margarita Checa moves with her exhibition “The Web of Life” of superb sculptures of apparent fragility

After five years of absence in the local art galleries, the remarkable sculptress Margarita Checa presents “The Web of Life”, a set of great sculptures in wood and bronze. Her art pieces demonstrate the mastery and skill of one of the most diligent students of the great Cristina Galvez. Checa, silently keeps on populating the world with characters that remind us of ancient cultures, using an intimate, melancholic and sensual language.
Within this set of sculptures we can observe the presence of children and teenagers, who symbolize the questioning, enquiring, and curiousness typical of these stages of life. The spectator, as long as he makes contact with each one of the sculptures, will be able to share that artistic reflexion of the artist, who leaves floating on the surface of the environment subjects such as femininity, subjection, tolerance, offering, repression or death. A visit to this exhibition is a must. A

Lucia de la Puente Art Gallery. Paseo Saenz Pena 206 A, Barranco.
Free entrance.
Tel. 477-9740